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People vs Shawn Lawrence - Murder in the 2nd Degree

One of the greatest emotions one can experience is to see that what you did helped another. While we were devastated when we lost the trial, we knew we were right and proceeded to the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division Second Department under the highly professional guidance of a great, compassionate appellate attorney by the name of Laura Solenger Esq. The case has resulted in the current office of the District Attorney reviewing their files and the DA filing a Motion to the Trial Justice, the Hon. William Condon, asking to dismiss the case because of prosecutorial misconduct and other reasons. I have great respect for the office of the DA, who I believe employs very honorable prosecuting attorneys. Sometimes, matters fall through the cracks for one reason or another. I finally realized the significance of this case when Sr. Aimee Koonmen, the Executive Director and founder of Bethany House in Nassau County, sent me a note saying, "Joe, you gave that man back his life." It truly brought tears of great pride to my eyes. Joe Hanshe



Ms. DB vs Dr. X and MW Y

Names protected under agreement contract.

$325,000.00 settlement for lack of Informed consent claim.

DB administered clyndamycin without being advised of the risk of Clostridium Difficile infection. C. Dif. infection resulted in partial subtotal colectomy. Case settled before jury selection at the request of the Plaintiff.

People vs Wiseallah Hightower-Castro

On January 14, 2013, a Nassau County Court Jury unanimously found Wiseallah Hightower-Castro not guilty on all 27 counts in an indictment filed by the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office in January 2012. Judge Jerald S. Carter presided over the trial. Trial counsel for the defense was Joseph A. Hanshe Esq.

    Wiseallah Hightower-Castro, was arrested on January 11, 2012 and charged with 27 separate Counts in an Indictment, including Rape in the first degree, Sexual Abuse in the first degree (4 counts), Criminal Sexual Act in the first degree, Forcible Touching, Aggravated Sexual abuse in the second degree, Burglary in the first degree(4 counts), Burglary in the second degree (2 counts), Robbery in the first degree (4 counts), Robbery in the second degree (8 counts) and unlawful imprisonment in the first degree. The Defendant has been incarcerated in the Nassau County Correctional Facility since that date.

    The defense claimed a detective in the case falsified a written statement that the defendant purportedly gave to the police. The defense noted that the victim in the case, a former prostitute, claimed the man who raped her was not circumcised. Evidence in the case revealed the defendant was circumcised at birth and the police and prosecution had that information in their possession since January 24, 2012.

People VS Bobby Costic - Homicide

A Suffolk County Jury found the defendant Bobby Costic not guilty of all charges filed against him by the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office, including: Manslaughter in the First Degree; Manslaughter in the Second Degree; and Criminally negligent Homicide. The verdict was unanimous. The defendant, a US Army veteran of Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Iraq War was represented at Trial by Joseph A. Hanshe Esq.


Phillip Kuslansky MD VS. Kuslansky, Robbins, Stechel & Cunningham; Mitchell Robbins MD; Richard Stechel MD; and Thomas Cunningham, MD.

Nassau County NY Supreme Court.  Our firm represented the Plaintiff Dr. Phillip Kuslansky in this action. After, summary judgment on certain issues and a jury verdict rendered March 22, 2011, the total damages against the Partnership and the remaining individually named physicians amounts to $815,000.00 including statutory interest plus costs and disbursements. The New York State Court of Appeals denied Defendants Motion for leave to appeal to that Court. (1/4/2012)

"Jane Doe" vs New York City: Negligence case where our client was awarded $250,000.00 dollars. The client sustained a scar to her leg because of the negligence of the City of New York in the preparation of a publicly used baseball field.


People v. Griffith
Defendant "Doe" was charged with the baseball bat assault of another on Halloween night. Newsday reported that the victim was hospitalized for over a month with several head injuries.  After trial,  the Defendant was found not guilty in 9 of the 10 felony counts filed against him.  He was found guilty of a misdemeanor crime.

People v. Michael Schmidt

Arrested in five separate Criminal Contempt Charges. Tried three jury trials; all acquittals; the remaining charges dismissed.

"Veteran John Doe" vs New York State

Nursing home administered the wrong antibiotic to a veteran quadriplegic. Judgment entered for our client in the wrongful death case.

People v. Richard Byrd
Defendant, a prior felony offender, was accused of assaulting a corrections officer in the Nassau County Jail. The case was tried and resulted in a verdict of "not guilty".

Leary v. North Shore University Hospital
Appellate Division, Second Department, NYS - Successful in having the New York State Supreme Court decision reversed and dismissed on behalf of the client.


Mataxas v. North Shore University Hospital
Successful in reversing the New York State Supreme Court's decision against North Shore University Hospital.

Tate v. Peninsula Hospital
Successful in reversing the New York State Supreme Court's decision against Peninsula Hospital.

Vilanni v. Glass Company
Client received $100,000 for the loss of tip of his finger.

In the Matter of R. Daubman
Appellate Division, Second Department, NYS - Successful in having a Supreme Court judgement overturned because of violations in the Disability Law.

Medical Malpractice: Successfully prosecuted claims for Missed Diagnosis of Torsion Testicle; Wrongful Death; brain damage; amputation of leg; misdiagnosis; medications errors.

Product Liability: DES caused cancer: Award $1.8 million dollars for our client. (Nelson v Eli Lily, et. al.)

Product Liability: Unsafe exercise bicycle: Award $100,000.

Auto Accidents: Herniated Disc/neck injury: Jury Verdict.

Defamation: Jury Verdict $140,000.

Medical Malpractice: Over 25 years of experience in the field of Criminal Law and medical malpractice in the Trial Courts and Appellate Courts of both New York State and Federal Courts of the United States.

**Some Client names have been deleted for privacy reasons at the request of the clients. If you wish further information about these cases please call for an interview or instruction.

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